The Birth Of An Idea

Our founder Denys Okhrimenko has always been a passionate inventor. In 2012-2014, he was buying all the materials with his own money and making his first hand-carved construction sets right in his kitchen. These first models were made out of wood. Denys says:

« I was designing and making hand-carved models. Also, I was writing all the instructions. Then I was sealing packages with construction sets using a building dryer. Usually, it was taking me five attempts to do it properly. »

Who would have thought that in two years this idea would interest the investor and would tear the market up? In 2017, when the company started earning big money, Denys had to leave due to conflicts with the new co-owner. At that time, the company already had hundreds of employees and the construction sets were being sold in different countries but he needed to start all over again.

« At that time, the previous four years of development were a complete loss and a blow for me. However, I gathered my wits and came up with a new idea. »

For Time for Machine, he used innovative schemes and mechanisms.

Denys went back to the basics. Having lost a large design department, he constructed some metal models by himself. Sometimes he was just sitting on the floor, setting them in motion, trying not to lose faith in what he was doing. And that was when some new investors were found. They supported Time for Machine financially.